City of Bixby and CareATC Partner for Employee Wellness

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September 20, 2013
BIXBY - The City of Bixby and CareATC are pleased to announce that The Bixby Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, October 3rd at 4:30pm at the new near-site clinic located at 12800 S Memorial in Bixby.  The public is invited.  CareATC welcomes the City of Bixby and its employees as a new member.  In addition, any employers in the community interested in joining the CareATC Near-Site Clinic Network are encouraged to attend.

“We are pleased to partner with the City of Bixby, who was instrumental in the opening of our Bixby clinic. This marks our fifth multi-employer near-site clinic in Northeast Oklahoma,“ states Paul Keeling, Chief Business Development Officer for CareATC.

Beginning in September, all City of Bixby employees and covered dependents have access to five clinics in Northeast Oklahoma. CareATC clinics consist of Board Certified Family Medicine Physicians and Certified Medical Assistants to treat both acute and chronic illnesses for all employees and covered dependents on the health plan. Patients will be able to visit the clinic during working hours with little to no wait time, and all services provided in the clinic are free to the patient, including formulary prescriptions, labs, and x-rays.

The City of Bixby has proven to be a pioneer in municipal health as they partner with Tulsa based CareATC. With national healthcare claims rising 10-14% each year, the City of Bixby is convinced improved access to wellness-oriented primary care is critical to keeping costs in check.

Bixby City Manager Doug Enevoldsen says, “Frankly, we concluded some time ago we could not afford to wait on Washington to solve the issue of rising health care costs for us, and instead decided to take control of our situation, for the sake of all who depend on us. We believe our investment in the CareATC program, which provides our employees improved access to excellent primary health care services, will reap good dividends for our taxpayers. This will occur by helping to, first, keep our people well and on the job more, and second, limit our overall health care costs in the coming years.”

Currently, Bixby is the only municipality in the Tulsa Metropolitan area that is facilitating employee health clinics with CareATC. Other public entities that CareATC currently partners with in Oklahoma are the City of Muskogee, Muskogee EMS, Tulsa Firefighters, and Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police.

“Operating with fewer employees per capita than virtually every other municipality in the Tulsa Metro region requires that we at the City of Bixby be both cost-conscious and innovative, so as to stretch our limited resources as far as possible. Moreover, we know our employees are our greatest asset, and we truly care about them and their families’ well-being. We see assuring their continued health as critical to our mission of providing quality public services to our rapidly growing population. That in turn helps us remain a healthy community,” states Enevoldsen.
About CareATC
CareATC has offered public and private employers cost-effective healthcare solutions since 2000. With over 60 clinics across the nation, CareATC is accustomed to working with private and public entities such as the City of Bixby. Clients see healthcare claims costs decline steadily each year by focusing on chronic disease management, prevention, and wellness through the proprietary Be Well program by CareATC.
For more information on CareATC, visit For information on joining the CareATC Near-Site Network, contact Ann Goforth at 918.955.5178. For media inquiries, contact Mollie Collins at 918.640.7934.
Doug Enevoldsen
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